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24 Things You Need to Know About AAC Blocks Advantage Or Disadvantage

History of AAC Block

AAC (aerated autoclaved concrete) was consummated during the 1920s by the Swedish draftsman and innovator, Dr. Johan Axel Eriksson working with Professor Henrik Kreuger. It was protected in 1924 and creation began in Sweden city Yxhult in 1929. Once more “SIPOREX” brand began in 1939. In 1943 Josef Hebel from Memmingen began his first plant in Germany. In 1978 LCC sSIPOREX” plant began in Saudi Arabia. Along these lines, AAC businesses gradually began to develop all around the world from 1978 and quickly cover the market from 2012.

What Is AAC Blocks?

One more structure material we have utilized in Green Way Subdivision is autoclaved circulated air through substantial squares (AAC blocks) aerated autoclaved concrete for outside walls. AAC squares can be a magnificent Green structure material. They give a strong substrate to outside plaster or siding and inside mortar or sheetrock. It is permeable, non-harmful, reusable, inexhaustible, and recyclable.

AAC Block full structure:

Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Blocks Other names AAC Block full structure: Autoclaved Cellular Concrete Block AAC Blocks Technical Specifications Detail Sizes Units

1.Size 600 X 200 X Thickness mm

2.Thickness 50,75,100,125,150,200,225 mm

3.Compressive Strength > 3 – 6.5 ( IS 2185 ) N/mm2

4. Normal Dry Density 450 – 650 Kg/m3

5. Thermal Conductivity “K” 0.16 – 0.18 W/MK

6. Thermal Resistance 0.46 K-m2/W

7. Heat Transmission Coefficient ‘U’ 2.17 W/m2k

8. Drying Shrinkage 0.04 % ( Size Of Block ) %

9. Sound Absorption Up to 42 De

10. Fire Resistance 2 to 6 Hrs.

Employments of AAC Blocks

AAC Blocks are appropriate for tall structures and those with high-temperature varieties. Because of its lower thickness, tall structures built utilizing AAC require less steel and cement for underlying individuals. The mortar required for the laying of AAC blocks is diminished because of the lower number of joints.

Likewise, the material needed for delivering is additionally lower because of the layered exactness of AAC. The expanded warm proficiency of AAC makes it appropriate for use in regions with outrageous temperatures, as it takes out the requirement for independent materials for development and protection, prompting quicker development and cost reserve funds.

TOP 10 AAC Blocks Brands

Best AAC Block Company in India or which AAC Blocks brand organization would it be a good idea for me to go to assemble my home? These are a portion of the normal inquiries of customary individuals with regards to building a home or building your own home.

All things considered, most use aac block on the proposal of the developer (Mistri) in some neighborhood language, however, the majority of us would trust and prefer not to realize which is the best AAC Blocks in India, as AAC Blocks is one of the main components that is utilized for fabricating a house.

At the point when we fabricate the house, we anticipate that it should reside for quite a while in great condition, somewhere around 3 to 4 ages or more.

1. Godrej AAC Block

2. Ambuja Cool Wall AAC Block

3. Wonder AAC Block

4. Nxtbloc AAC Block

5.CConecc AAC Block

6. Renacon AAC Block

7. Aceton AAC Block

8. Ecorex AAC Block

9. Cell O Con AAC Block

10. Mepcrete AAC Block

11. Ultratech Xtralite AAC Block

12. Green Stone AAC Block

13. Jindal Air AAC Block

14. Birla Aerocon AAC Block

15. Essarcon AAC Block

17. Brikolite AAC Block

18 Adhitya AAC Block

19. JK Laxmi AAC Block

21. Aerotuff AAC Block

22. MagicBlox AAC Block

Detail Disadvantages of AAC Blocks

  1. Cost Cost of creation higher than the common substantial square or block.

2. Break in dividers We want to avoid potential risk to wipe out drying shrinkage breaks and stress fixation breaks. See my response on the breaking of the AAC block divider.

3. Assuming you want to fix furniture in the AAC Blocks divider, you really want to utilize a boring apparatus and a crude attachment. You can’t simply put a nail.

 4. Establishment during Rainy Weather AAC Blocks are known to break after establishment, which can be stayed away from by diminishing the strength of the mortar and guaranteeing the squares are thy during and after establishment.

 5. Weak Nature They should be taken care of more cautiously than mud blocks to keep away from breakage.

 6. Connections The weak idea of the squares requires longer, more slender screws when fitting cupboards and inside decorations and wood-appropriate boring tools or pounding in. Extraordinary, huge measurement divider plugs are accessible at a higher mat than normal divider plugs.

7. Protection Requirements In more current construction laws of northern European nations would require extremely thick dividers when utilizing MC alone. In this way numerous developers decide to utilize customary structure strategies, introducing an additional a layer of protection around the whole building.

Benefit of AAC Blocks rundown of AAC blocks Advantage

• Structural Saving• Faster Construction• Acoustic Insulation• Light Weight• Eco Friendly• Water Proof• High Strength• Workability and Flexibility• Fire Resistant• Pest Resistant/Anti Termite• Earthquake Resistant• Non-Toxic• Great Ventilation• Precision• Cost-Effective

Detail Advantage of AAC Blocks

1. Underlying Saving AAC blocks (autoclaved aerated concrete blocks) decrease the extra weight, which prompts lessen steel utilization in the development of working because of its lightweight just as its diminished the utilization of concrete and mortar.

2. Eco Friendly It produces basically 30% less strong waste than conventional cement. There is an abatement of half of ozone depleting substance discharges. AAC blocks are made by Fly debris or Pond Ash or Sand through a non-contaminating course of steam restoring involving nontoxic components. Henceforth AAC blocks are a more eco-accommodating item for development.

3.Cost-Effective • Reduces working expenses by 30P/0 to 40%. • Reduces by and large development cost by 2.5% as it requires less jointing and diminishes the requirement for concrete and steel. • High-protection obstructs save to 30% in energy costs. o Variety in sizes of squares helps increment the rug region • Wall painting and putting last longer as nearly nothing flowering effects (Brand Name). This converts into lower upkeep costs.

4. Acoustic Insulation AAC blocks (autoclaved aerated concrete blocks) offer unparalleled acoustic protection. Support high sound assimilation.

5. Accuracy • Available in definite sizes. • Results in smooth dividers with ideal contact between various components. • Reduces concrete and steel utilization

6. Light Weight AAC blocks are multiple times lighter than customary blocks, making it simpler to move and diminish the development time.

7. Quicker Construction AAC block cut down on development time by 25 % because of its aspect, lightweight, and leas number of joints.

8. Quake Resistant The impact of tremor is relative to the heaviness of the design. AAC blocks being a lightweight stifles any harm by shudders or high breezes generally.

9. Water Proof MC blocks have a minuscule cell construction of circulated air through pores, which has less water assimilation property than standard blocks. Subsequently, building worked by AAC obstructs right around 80 % water-safe.

10. High Strength AAC Blocks (aerated autoclaved concrete) have higher strength than standard blocks when contrasted with ordinary blocks because of steam restoring at high tension and high temperature.

11. Functionality and Flexibility MC squares can be cut effectively, penetrated effectively, nailed effectively, and furrowed without any problem. This permits the establishment of electrical and sterile fitting even after structure development is finished.

12. Fireproof Owing to the novel cell apiaries like construction, the imperviousness to fire remainder of AAC blocks is exceptionally high. It can endure up to 1400 ‘C and has a fire rating of 4 to 5 hours.

13. Non-Toxic There are no poisonous gases or other harmful substances in autoclaved circulated air through concrete. It neither draws in rodents or different vermin, nor would it be able to be harmed by such.

14. Incredible Ventilation This material is extremely vaporous and permits the dispersion of water. This decreases the stickiness inside the structure. AAC will assimilate dampness deliver very moistness. This assists with forestalling buildup and different issues that are connected with mold.

15. Bug Resistant/Anti Termite With the accuracy proportion of AAC Blocks (autoclaved aerated concrete blocks) being exceptionally high, it brings about smooth completing the process of forestalling nuisances. The utilization of inorganic material additionally intrinsically forestalls green growth and organisms development

Why AAC Blocks Get Cracks?

Underneath reason of AAC Blocks (aerated autoclaved concrete) get breaks

1. Poor Workmanship.

2. Inappropriate curing.

3. Higher thickness of plaster.

4. Utilization of extremely fine sand to make mortar i.e., higher residue content or utilization of sand, which isn’t reviewed properly.

5. Shrinkage in squares or low quality of squares may likewise cause a break in a wall

6. Constant vibration or regular hit by a mallet for nailing may likewise be a justification behind breaks in a wall.

7. The temperature at the hour of the use of mortar. i.e., shrinkage breaks are more inclined in the late spring season than the colder time of year.

dream home builder floors

Skyrocketing Growth of Independent builder Floors and Plots in Gurugram NCR

1. Intro

The demand for independent builder floors and plots in Gurugram and Faridabad is increasing as the building of new residential units is rising up to 10% a year.

In Gurgaon, there are around 20,000 such flats ready to be launched in the next year.

According to an industry body, the cumulative sales of builders’ flats per annum were around Rs. 4,000 crore in 2021-22.

“The growth rate of this segment has been relatively high,” said president, Real Estate Development Association of India (REDAI).

2. The Main Reasons for the Skyrocketing Growth of Independent Floors and Plots in Gurugram NCR

A report released on 28th February 2020 by a leading real esate company, real esate websites buildmakaan.com has cited several reasons for the surge in demand for independent floors and plots in Gurugram and Faridabad. The report stated that a major reason for independent floors and plots becoming popular is the rising demand of private apartments or builder floor in Gurugram and Faridabad.

Real esate agents popular place in Gurgaon cyber hub in Gurgaon,cyber city Gurgaon,mg road Gurgaon,sohan road Gurgaon,dlf Gurgaon,palam vihar Gurgaon,ansal Gurgaon,sushantlok Gurgaon or old Gurgaon also.

The report mentioned that these developments are becoming increasingly popular due to the soaring number of people who want to own their own apartment.

According to the report, there has been an increase in this market over the last few years, especially since 2022 when the pandemic struck India.

The number of people who have escaped from this pandemic is also rising every year, which can only spell good things for private flats owners.

According to buildmakaan, more than 20,000 such builder floors (flats) are expected to be launched between now and 2023. However, there is a positive flip side as well: given that private flats owners aren’t burdened by having to worry about monthly payments or some other financial burden (which can easily become an added stress), they can spend more on food or travel without getting worried about it. They can also save money on rent as well as travel costs by simply being able to sell their flat after a set period of time rather than paying rent every month.

dream home build

3. Key Aspects of an Independent Builder Floor or Plot

“It’s a very complex subject to find a good solution for independent floors and plots in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR and Mumbai. We have come up with some features for you to consider.”

A builder floor can be considered as something that is made up of individual units; the plot is more like an apartment block (like an apartment building) with elements that are shared among multiple apartments. This is basically how most flat markets work today; it isn’t unusual to find space available from 5-10% below market rate. It isn’t always easy to tell which of these spaces are “independent builder floors”, or what their condition will be (is it heated? Are there utilities installed?).

The following are some facts and data you may wish to know about independent builder floors or plots:

Covid-19 is a pandemic virus that affects humans and has been reported in Asia since March 2020 . It has killed more than 1,200 people in China . [1]

Some of the symptoms usually associated with this pandemic are: fever ; headache ; nausea ; vomiting ; chills ; muscle pain ; sore throat – but it can also cause diarrhea, dry mouth , swollen lymph glands, chest pain , severe swelling , bleeding , stomach pain , low blood pressure , etc. [2]

According to reports by reliable sources, according to reports by reliable sources, some facilities such as hospitals have reported sudden deaths due to the effects of this pandemic virus since March 2019 . [3]

As per reports made by reliable sources, according to reports made by reliable sources, Covid-19 has spread in 12 districts of China since March 2018 . [4]

To help prevent the spread of this pandemic virus among your customers, protect them with these three simple steps: [5]

1) Always use clean needles and syringes for injections/surgeries. 2) Don’t share needles/syringes with others 3) Don’t give your partner any needle/syringe either! 4) Take care not to sniff medications! 5) Keep all medications away from children! 6) Don’t drink alcohol before making injections or surgeries – it may harm your health. 7) Make sure that you know what the medication you administer contains before giving it out! 8] Make sure your employees follow these steps too!!

4. How to Deal with the Growing Demand for Independent builder Floors and Plots

To reach its full potential, the Independent Floors and Plots market can only be expanded by attracting more buyers, so Alliance Capital expects to see more such units being launched over the next few years.

Total square feet of floors in the market — 3.5 Billion Total number of flats in the industry — 9 Million Number of independent floors and plots — 20,000 Number of independent flats in the industry — 4 Million Number of independent plots in the industry — 2 Million Number of independent plots per studio — 1,200 Square feet per plot

The average square footage per studio (per floor) — 570 Sqft Avg Floor Area Per Studio (per floor) — 1,300 Sqft The percentage increase (over five years) in number of studios per floor since 2012: -47% The percentage increase (over five years) in number of apartments per studio since 2012: -46% The percentage increase (over five years) in number of apartments per floor since 2012: +10% The percentage increase (over five years) in square feet per apartment since 2012 : +23% Size distribution of apartments sold during the period from 2012-2022:

dream home

5. Conclusion

Just to recap, the Pandemic has been around for over a year. The total number of infected floor surfaces is now above 20,000. As of June 25th, a total of 18 million Euclid-19 infections have been reported by various countries around the world. This makes it one of the most devastating pandemics in human history. If you’re interested in reading the report itself, here’s where to go:

tmt steel bar

How to Buy best TMT Steel or Understand primary and secondary steel – TMT rebars

We all know that steel is a very important metal in the world of building and construction. But what you might not know is what the difference is between steel TMT Per Kg and Steel TMT Per Piece? In this article, we will be going over the differences and how to buy steel TMT per kg or per piece.

TMT steel bars are equipped with U bent or straight bars. The size of the TMT steel bars is 40 feet.

Usually with civil engineers who advise contracts for the purchase of TMT bars in pieces, bundles, or barrels. Dimensions also vary depending on the construction of the building. For example, the mainboard needs a 10 mm / 12 mm rod, for distribution it can be 8 mm / 10 mm for a tree it can be 16 mm and 12 mm depending on the span. Some important points about TMT Bar Weight

The standard length of the sticks is 12 meters

According to IS 1786: 2008, the authorization of TMT bars must be complied with by the IS Directive

TMT bars produced in various diameters


TMT Bars Weight can be expressed in kilograms, quintals, or tonnes

1 Quintal = 100 kilos 1 ton = 1000 kg

Bundle Weight: Approx. 85 kg.

Tmt steel bar buildmakaan.in

How to calculate weight of a steel bar

To determine the mass of steel per square meter, the formula is D * D / 162. D is the diameter of the crossbar in meters, and the mass is calculated in kilograms.

For example, if the section weight is 8mm. Then the mass of the penis per square meter –

8 * 8/162 = 0.396kg

The weight of the TMT strip can be calculated using the following:

W = T * T * L / 162

Where W is the weight of the candle in kilograms, D is the diameter of the candle in millimeters and L is the length of the candle in meters.

Now let’s calculate the weight of a standard 8mm bar. According to the formula

w = 8 * 8 * 12/162

W = 4.74kg

With TMT tapes, this weight can vary by up to 7%.

We calculate the weight of another rod with a diameter of 25 mm and a length of 12 meters. formula same –

b = 25*25*12/162

So W = 46.29 kg

a formula can be used to calculate the weight of any TMT strap, as long as the diameter and length are specified and the steel used meets the specified standards.

Size(dia)As per ISI (Kg/mt) Actual Weight Approx (Kg/mt) Weight per   TMT Bar (Kg)Approx. piece   per Bundle
8mm0.395 (+/- 7%)0.375 – 0.3904.7418
10mm0.617 (+/- 7%)0.590 – 0.6107.40412
12mm0.888 (+/- 5%)0.85 – 0.8710.65610
16mm1.578 (+/- 5%)1.52 – 1.5618.9365
20mm2.466 (+/- 5%)2.36 – 2.4429.5923
25mm3.853 (+/- 3%)3.75 – 3.8246.2362
32mm6.313 (+/- 3%)6.1 – 6.3075.7561

What is the price of steel TMT per kg?

Steel TMT is a type of steel that doesn’t need to be annealed. Steel TMT prices vary depending on the size and quantity of the order.


Check that the steel bars you buy have national certifications such as ASTM A706, JIS G3112, BS9, ASTM A615, JIS G3109 and IS 32 (mild steel bars), IS 1786 (high-strength deformed steel bars). Etc Certification assures you of the quality as well as the credibility of the manufacturer.

Primary steel

Primary steel is obtained from a steelmaking process is known as the Basic Oxygen Furnace (BOF) process. This process converts iron ore into chunks of iron that are used to make steel bars. steel bars are manufactured using the world-class technique on a  fully automatic high-speed rolling mill with horizontal and vertical supports.

In primary steel, there are uniform veins with deeper grooves made on CNC machines. Thus, giving it maximum rib area, providing a strong and stable bond to the concrete, creating a stronger structure.

With big construction and tall buildings, it is always a good idea to use base steels or steels such as Fe500D and Fe550D, while the letter “D” stands for ductility, giving steel rebar a higher percentage of elongation.

Secondary steel

Secondary steel production usually takes place in an electric arc furnace. The main raw material for the production of reinforcing steel is steel scrap. That’s why it’s called secondary steel. The secondary bars are usually rolled in a locally produced rolling mill

The ribs of the secondary steel are created using a local rib cutting process performed with hand tools. This in turn gives it an unsuitable flank area which leads to poor bonding with the concrete.

Innovations in the steelmaking process have led to improvements in the production of secondary brand steels. Primary steel is preferred for homes, but if you have good options, branded secondary steel is available. Saves money.

sail buildmakaan.in

Top 10 TMT steel bar brand

  • Tata Tiscon SD TMT Band
  • Essar steel 
  • Jindal Panther TMT Band
  • Sail Steel TMT Band
  • Kamdhenu TMT Band
  • Syam TMT bars
  • Rathi TMT bars
  • SRMB TMT steel bars
  • JSW Neo steel TMT bars
  • Electrosteel
building materiel

Top 10 Tips For Buying Building Materials And Construction Materials

There are many Building materials and supplies that you need to buy if you plan on building your home, renovating your current home, or working on any other construction projects in the future. You might not know what to look for when you go shopping, so it’s important to take the time to read up on the topic so that you know what questions to ask and what questions to avoid asking to get the best deals possible. With that in mind, here are 10 Tips For Buying Building Materials And Construction Materials

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