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Birla aerocon aac blocks

Why use Birla Aerocon AAC Blocks? Energy saving and eco-friendly: helps reduce carbon footprint

  • Manufactured from recycled material with zero wastage.
  • Quicken up construction up to 30%.

Dimensionally accurate & easy workability

  • Factory finished with superb surface finish; easily accepts renders & plasters.
  • Use of standard tools to cut, saw, chisel, drill & shape.

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Key Features

Birla aerocon aac blocks Predominant Acoustic Insulation
Energy Savings up to 15% – 20%
State – of – the – craftsmanship German Technology
Decreased Structural Cost
100 percent Termite and Mold – Resistant

Find the new age development material

Made utilizing fly debris, concrete, lime and air circulation specialist.
Item adjusts to IS 2185 Part-3.
Great substitute for mud Birla aerocon aac blocksand empty/strong substantial squares.
Green structure item.

Why use Birla Aerocon AAC Blocks? Energy saving and eco-accommodating: lessens carbon impression

Fabricated from reused material with zero wastage.
Revive up development up to 30%.

Correspondingly precise and simple functionality

Plant got done with amazing surface completion; effectively acknowledges renders and mortars.
Utilization of standard devices to cut, saw, etch, drill and shape.

Unequaled properties

Very lightweight; 1/third the thickness of mud blocks.
Non-ignitable with predominant imperviousness to fire.
Excellent warm and acoustic protection.
No pit development; kills termites, rodents, bugs and parasitic development.

Ensured savings*

Diminishes establishment heap of the structure up to 30%.
Lessens power utilization by 27%.
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