The Hidden Mystery Behind Disadvantages of lightweight aac blocks


AAC Blocks not use building foundation:

Although AAC blocks area unit wide employed in masonry units of high-rise RCC (reinforced cement concrete) framed buildings, they’ll be high-ticket once used for little bearing structures. once victimization AAC blocks, it may well be one among the disadvantages.

Considering the high AAC block costs, shopping for a tiny low variety of blocks for such structures will price additional, as compared to ordering in bulk quantities for big comes. How’s the fabric is light-weight and therefore, contributes less to load and therefore the demand of steel may be minimized in RCC framed structures. Therefore, it will save on construction prices, once chosen for high-rise constructions.

Disadvantage of aac blocks

Further, column foundations in RCC framed structures area unit designed for bearing the load of a building. In such structures, RCC foundations area unit organized on that RCC columns area unit raised. support beams area unit placed at the support level and AAC block masonry is raised thereon. aac blocks vs red bricks

Thus, there’s no want for AAC block masonry between the columns below the DPC level support beam. DPC or row refers to material applied at the basement level, for limiting wet flow through walls and floors.

Load-bearing is employed for walk-up structures. The thickness of the walls and finding the correct size of AAC blocks, area unit crucial aspects, once it involves bearing walls. Moreover, the location of those blocks needs experience. it’s necessary that the walls area unit designed by a professional structural engineer.

Where area unit AAC blocks used?

AAC blocks area unit wide employed in the development of residences and different sorts of residential properties, industrial and industrial buildings, like hotels, offices, hospitals and colleges. attributable to their glorious heat insulation capability, AAC bricks notice application in interior and exterior construction. they’re ideal for high-rise structures. aac blocks price

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