Open Kitchen Design vs Closed– Which one to choose?

Open Kitchen Design vs Closed– Which one to choose?

A kitchen is an important portion of the house and carefully designing one, will help you create a space full of warmth and togetherness. And if you or a family member would be spending more time in the kitchen, it would be essential to make this place as spacious and comfortable as possible. The decision of going for an Open Kitchen Design or a Closed Kitchen mostly depends on individual likes and dislikes.

Let’s find out what each of these designs has to offer:

Open Kitchen Design

  • An Open Kitchen does not have walls on more than one or two sides and therefore is naturally bright and has good ventilation.
  • An Open Kitchen does not heat up as much as a Closed Kitchen due to better ventilation.
  • An Open Kitchen is usually adjacent to the living room and ensures that you don’t miss out on your favourite TV shows or activity that is going on in adjacent rooms.
  • Cooking becomes a less boring activity as you get to interact with others as well, while doing your daily chores.
  • An Open Kitchen makes the house look spacious and adds more value especially if you are planning to build a modestly sized home.

While all the openness is well and good, it comes with its share of pitfalls –

  • Privacy is lost as guests entering the house get a view of the kitchen as well. Keeping it spic and span might not be possible at all times. And just in case you are in your night suit too, it might catch you offhand!
  • Easy access to the kitchen for young children is not safe as they might cause damage or hurt themselves. With the Open Kitchen having “no doors”, it is difficult to keep children away from this portion of the house.
  • Noise from appliances like grinder and dishwasher may appear slightly awkward with guests around or disturb others watching the TV or listening to music.

Closed Kitchen Design

  • A Closed Kitchen is usually tucked in a corner of the house and is just like any other room with walls on all four sides and a door.
  • If you are one of those who loves privacy and consider your kitchen, a sanctuary, then a Closed Kitchen is definitely for you.
  • With a Closed Kitchen, you can easily confine the sounds within the kitchen itself, by closing the kitchen door.
  • A Closed Kitchen gives you an added advantage of allowing you to keep the clean-up activity for later.
  • A Closed Kitchen is especially safe for families with young children, as you can easily keep the kitchen door locked to avoid them causing any damage or hurting themselves.

A Closed Kitchen gives you privacy but comes with some drawbacks as well –

  • A Closed Kitchen comparatively has less brightness and ventilation as compared to an Open Kitchen.
  • A Closed Kitchen cuts you off from the rest of the house and the activities going on in the adjacent rooms
  • A Closed Kitchen can get quite claustrophobic especially if you have more people in the kitchen at the same time.
  • A Closed Kitchen can heat up quite a bit, causing discomfort especially during summer season.

Creating your kitchen space, just like your home, is all about you and your preferences. Choose what would suit you and your family members, as well as help add value to your home. While each design has its advantages and disadvantages, you could have a home thriving in happiness and togetherness if you spend some time planning ahead to make every part of the house, a special place. Get the kitchen layout that’s right for you with buildmakaan expert advice.

Building Bylaws in India

What are Building Bye-laws in India?

Having your very own place is everybody’s fantasy. It is something straightforward to draw up an arrangement of your fantasy house, yet it is a unique game to build it.
To get the green sign to begin development, you want to guarantee that your home arrangement observes the structure by-laws of the territory. These regulations are a bunch of rules and guidelines drawn up by the public authority of each country, to guarantee a methodical and trained development of the town or city. Without these regulations, individuals will generally build structures whichever way, prompting heedless turn of events and disarray from here on out. Observing these regulations will likewise guarantee the most extreme use of accessible space and the well-being of individuals residing in and around the house.

It is to be noticed that structure by-regulations are remarkable to each area. What might be pertinent in a town may not be viable or conceivable in the city. Thus, before you draw up an outline for your fantasy home, make an investigation of the structure by regulations relevant in your area. For your reference, we take care of assembling a rundown of the general places in the by-regulations.

  • Area and usage
  • Building height
  • Building coverage
  • Floor space index
  • Density
  • Setbacks and projections
  • Parking facilities
  •  Basement facilities
  • Green spaces
  • Open spaces
  • Amenities in the project
  • Provision for elevators
  •  Sewerage facilities
  • Provision for water
  •  Provision for power supply
  • Provision for waste management
  •  Rainwater harvesting
  • Barrier-free environment
  • Safety provisions
  • Effects of communication technology

Floor Area Ratio or FAR

Each city has a restricted limit concerning assets and framework. To stay away from extra pressure past the limit of the city, a Floor Area Ration (FAR) is determined. It is likewise named Floor Space Ratio (FSR) or Floor Space Index (FSI). It is essentially formed as the proportion of the complete covered region (genuine region) of the multitude of floors to the all-out plot region.
FAR = Total region of all floors/Plot Area

Allowable FAR and Maximum Height as characterized by HUDA (Haryana Urban Development Authority)

Area of Site / Category of PlotMaximum Permissible FAR
1 Marla = 25 Sq. Yards
1 Kanal = 20 Marla
6 Marla1.45
10 Marla1.45
14 Marla1.30
1 Kanal1.20
2 Kanal1.00

Assume the manufacturer has a plot of 1,000 sq m and the allowable FAR, as indicated by advancement plans, is 1.5. He is permitted to develop a structure on 1,500 sq mt of this plot. It is the proportion of the absolute floor region in the structure contrasted and the all-out plot region.
The FAR for each building will vary, contingent on its utilization, sort of development, the territory and its populace, the width and traffic in the city in front, stopping offices, water and seepage offices, and neighborhood firefighting offices.

Ground Coverage

The complete region covered by the structure on the ground floor is known as ground inclusion. Remember that, assuming you are developing a cellar, it shouldn’t surpass the ground inclusion region. In light of limitations of level and FAR., the ground inclusion can be acclimated to get the most extreme utilization of the plot.
The ground inclusion region is determined by separating the structure region from the complete plot region. Building region implies the floor space of a structure while peering down at it from the top.
Building Coverage Ratio (BCR) = Building Area/Site Area


A structure difficulty is an open space between the structure and the property limit or part line. We can develop the house simply up to the mishap line. This again shifts to various sorts of structures. For instance, an independent structure should have more front open space than a line-type building. The misfortune line is pertinent toward the front yet in addition around the whole structure. The absolute plot region is another deciding element for the misfortune line.

Level Restrictions

The level of a structure is the upward distance between the normal level of the ground and the highest mark of the structure. Keep in mind, assuming that there is a storm cellar in your home, it won’t be considered in the level estimation. Contingent on the territory and your FAR, there will be a most extreme cutoff to how tall you can build your home. This is fundamentally done to guarantee your security; for instance, if there are an air terminal or high power transmission lines in the area.

According to HUDA (Haryana Urban Development Authority):

The greatest passable level with brace floor is 14.5 meters from street level
The most extreme allowable level without a brace floor is 12.0 meters from street level

Area of Site / Category of PlotMaximum Permissible Height With StiltMaximum Permissible Height Without Stilt
1 Marla = 25 Sq. Yards
1 Kanal = 20 Marla
6 Marla14.5 Mtr.12 Mtr.
10 Marla14.5 Mtr.12 Mtr.
14 Marla14.5 Mtr.12 Mtr.
1 Kanal14.5 Mtr.12 Mtr.
2 Kanal14.5 Mtr.12 Mtr.

The cellar is the lower story of a structure, built beneath or somewhat underneath the ground. Contingent on the territory, there is a limitation to the level of the storm cellar, projected over the normal ground level. Assuming the house is based on braces, the permitted level will again rely on the territory.
To get free guidance on building bye-regulations in Delhi NCR and Gurgaon, contact our specialists on +91-8510991212

Paint idea for a kids room - paint the wall two colors! #colorblock #. clare_paint. CLARE ... Decorate on a Budget With These Creative Style Tips and Tricks.

Pocket Friendly Paint Ideas for Kid’s Room


Just having a room for “the apple of your eye” is not enough. Get creative with the interiors and your kid is sure to love spending time here. As a parent, designing your little one’s room can be quite interesting as well as challenging. Choosing the right paint is one of the most important aspects of decorating the place. Painting a kid’s room with a fixed budget is always a tough job. However, there are many ways you can overcome this, in a creative and cost-effective way.

1. Choose the Right Color

As your kids grow up, their priorities and tastes change. Colors or themes that suit a toddler’s room may not suit a teenager’s room. Instead of changing the color of the room every few years based on your kid’s demand, you can use subtle colors that will grow with your kid.

2. Use Water-Based Paints

Water-based paints are recommended for a kid’s room for several reasons. Walls can be easily wiped clean; the paints have better color retention and are eco-friendly. They are also weather-resistant and do not crack or fade with time. Unlike solvent-based paints, they do not emit certain harmful organic chemicals in the air. Another advantage is that these paints are cheaper when compared to all other types.

3. Use Chalkboard Paints

Kids love to draw on walls and play with chalk and duster. Painting a separate area of the room with chalkboard paint will give them an outlet to showcase their artistic side. Now, you will not have to worry about them doodling on other walls or furniture in your house. Chalkboards will no longer be limited to the classroom, as it will enable you to create your own personal school inside the house, by making them learn their ABCs in a fun way.

4. Use Emulsion Paints

Kids are likely to leave hand prints, food stains and crayon stains while playing in their room. Emulsion paints make it easy to remove these stains from wall surfaces, without compromising on the paint quality and color. Certain paints might actually turn your wall into an erasable canvas, which makes it cost-effective in the long run. These paints are durable and resistant to fungus and mildew. They offer a smooth finish to the walls, which makes the room look more vibrant.

5. Paint One Wall with Your Chosen Color

You can paint one wall of the room with your chosen color scheme or theme and the other walls with standard or neutral colors. If you wish to change the theme or color in the future, then you would repaint just one wall. This will lower down the painting costs and give the room an artistic feel at the same time. The room will also look bigger, brighter and have a calming effect.

Paint idea for a kids room - paint the wall two colors! #colorblock #. clare_paint. CLARE ... Decorate on a Budget With These Creative Style Tips and Tricks.
Paint idea for a kids room – paint the wall two colors! #colorblock #. clare_paint. CLARE … Decorate on a Budget With These Creative Style Tips and Tricks.

6. Adding a Personal Touch

You can cut labor costs as well as add a personal touch to the wall décor by involving your kid in the painting process. Allow your kid to select the color and theme. Sponges and stencils can be used to add beautiful textures to the paint. This will enhance your kid’s creativity and give you some quality bonding time as well.

Let your kid’s room not just be a place to play and sleep but one which will also build his/her imagination and creativity. With so many solutions now available, it is only a matter of time before you exercise your grey cells and come up with an innovative approach to brighten up your kid’s room. Create a space for your little one to have fond memories of growing up.

about constustion loan

All You Need to Know About Construction Loan

Everybody wishes to have their very own home, where you can share the delights and distresses of existence with your loved ones. Not every person will have the reserve funds to fabricate a house while other people don’t wish to exhaust their investment funds. For such individuals, there is an arrangement to involve advances which you can take care of in little divides throughout some period.

You can utilize various types of credits to assemble your dream home. Of late, development credits have acquired ubiquity in general society.

Taking any sort of advance has its gamble. The following are given a couple of significant focuses that you want to be aware of development advances home construction loan.

Construction Loan

What is a development advance construction loan ? The most compelling thing about it is that it just goes on for the period it takes to develop a house. You might have applied for a development advance of a specific sum. In any case, not at all like typical safe build mortgages, the sum will be dispensed to you in portions.or try to construction to permeant loan sift.

Eligibility ( Qualification ) Criteria

When you apply for a development credit, the monetary organization will do a careful historical verification on you. They will take a look at your monetary history and check whether you are qualified to take care of the advance, in light of your FICO assessment. They will likewise check the credit application for genuineness, the dependability and congruity of your pay, the number of individuals that monetarily rely upon you, and so on. Really at that time will you get your credit endorsed.

Documents Required

A lot of archives should be submitted to the money organization before your development advance gets endorsed. It will fluctuate in various monetary organizations. It will likewise rely on whether you are a salaried individual, business person, independently employed, and so on. For the most part, you will be approached to present a personal ID verification, PAN card, home confirmation, bank proclamations, and pay authentication (if relevant).

Assessment of Cost of Construction

After endorsement of your development credit, the loan specialist doesn’t have to give the sum you mentioned. So it is viewed as a decent practice to have a gauge of the expense of development prepared with you. This will build your possibility of getting the sum you mentioned.

A Contractor to Oversee

We as a whole have our specific thoughts about building a home. We could likewise wish to have a one-on-one association with regards to its development. Even though it seems like a smart thought on a superficial level, you could confront challenges as the undertaking advances like the inaccessibility of laborers, issues with adjusting to the structure guidelines of your state, and so forth.

Specialists encourage you to utilize a carefully prepared worker for hire to administer the development. Take care that the individual is dependable and solid. In any case, you ought to be very familiar with the advancement of development.

Repayment Rules

How you take care of your development advance additionally varies from how you take care of a typical mortgage. The cash is given to you in portions and you want to pay revenue for every one of them during development. Remember that this interest won’t go into reimbursing the chief sum. The chief sum should be taken care of independently when the development is finished.

A Double-Edged Sword

The greatest benefit of getting a development credit is that you want to pay just interest during the development. The fundamental sum should be taken care of once you claim your home. The opposite side of this coin is that there is no assurance that the development will be done in the assessed time. This can prompt an expansion in cost, which your credit may not be obliging.

Income Tax Benefit

You can likewise profit from Income Tax benefits for a development advance, the interesting part of the regularly scheduled payments can be guaranteed as a derivation.

Like some other credit, a development advance has its advantages and disadvantages. Before you choose to apply for it, it is fitting to improve still, find a specialist to direct you through the cycle.

A construction project budget is incredibly important because it can help to save time and money throughout the duration of the project.

Know How to Estimate Your House Construction Cost?


We as a whole fantasy about having the ideal home. Among the initial steps for building your fantasy home is assessing the spending plan. Building a house might be the main thing that a considerable lot of us will do in the course of our life. However, we have different commitments and obligations in life too. Keeping our spending inside the constraints of the assessed financial plan will permit us to work in harmony with next to no issues or causing any obligations.

This is the way assessing a spending plan will help you:

1. Understand Your Limits

A spending plan provides you with an unmistakable image of how much consumption should be possible. In light of this, you can begin anticipating the sort of house that you can assemble. Without ascertaining surmised development costs, material expenses, work expenses and getting done or inside costs, you will resemble a boat heading for an obscure objective!

2. Get Professional Help

An expert designer will assist you with planning a house to suit your requirements and remember highlights that you would like for your fantasy home. In light of your spending plan, you could enlist a modeler whose administrations would be inside your monetary reach. The designer will likewise provide you with a surmised cost assessment of the undertaking.

3. Select Design and Construction Materials

Having a spending plan set up, assists you with showing up at a plan that will suit your necessities as well as be inside your monetary reach. This likewise makes it more straightforward to choose materials for development like the sort of blocks, concrete and steel being utilized.

4. Know If You Need Additional Funds

Assessing a spending plan assists you with knowing whether you have an adequate number of assets for building your home, and whether you want to apply for a home credit. For moving toward any monetary organization for a credit, the spending plan assessment record is additionally to be submitted for endorsement of the advance.

building materiel buildmakaan.in

5. Type of Project

In light of your financial plan, you can conclude whether you might want to go for a turnkey task or work contract. Turnkey project is the one wherein the worker for hire is liable for giving the materials as well as work. In a work contract, you would source the development materials according to the necessity and pay just the work charges to the project worker.

6. Shield Against Price Fluctuations

While you gauge the spending plan, assuming you consider the cost vacillations that could happen during development, there is compelling reason need to expect that you will reach a financial dead end sincerely busy structure your fantasy home.

7. Avoid Overspending

A spending plan above all assists you with abstaining from overspending. Knowing the sum that you ought to spend, to be inside the drawn certain lines, guarantees that you overspend on no one specific viewpoint and need to think twice about different pieces of the development, such as utilizing low quality material or outfitting things. Without earlier preparation or assessment, you could well wind up spending beyond what you can bear in the underlying stages and face troubles finishing the venture.

8. Plan for extra highlights

When you have a spending plan set up, consolidating extra elements to the house is simple. For instance, in the event that your spending plan permits, you can decide to assemble an eco-accommodating house with better protection materials, sunlight powered chargers, water reaping office and so forth

9. Avoid deficiency of assets

For the majority of us, developing a house could be a first time issue. Having a financial plan assists us with controlling expenses and keep away from a circumstance where the development could need to be halted or deferred because of lack of assets.

Remembering all of the above angles, it really should place in some preparation prior to branching out to assemble your fantasy home. With a definitive goal being to assemble a haven that will give you harmony, joy and bunches of good recollections, why not let the most common way of building be a serene one too!

7 step buildmakaan

7 Easy Steps to Build Your Dream Home changed life


Remembering to fabricate your fantasy home? Don’t simply fabricate a house with blocks and mortar, construct a home with adoration and dreams. Don’t we as a whole fancy to abide in a house that is agreeable, open and all around planned?. Building your house is an excursion of finding yourself, your inclinations and building a position of solace. Notwithstanding, the inquiry are the means that we really want to continue to achieve it? Fortunately, as far as you might be concerned, we have assembled a rundown of a few useful exhortation and simple tips to assist you with doing exactly that.

1. Lay out a spending plan

At the point when you leave on a costly undertaking like structure your fantasy home, consistently lay out a financial plan first. With no reasonable thought of the amount you will spend, there is a high chance that you could surpass your credit. On the off chance that you feel that you need more investment funds, look into substitute means to back your development.

2. Make a house plan

The following stage is to change over your thoughts and dreams into a diagram. Numerous sites give data on the best way to approach this without anyone else. You can likewise employ an expert designer or structural architect to draw up an arrangement for you. It is smart to get a gauge development cost of the proposed arrangement.

3. Discover some land

You can not form a home in the event that you don’t have a land to assemble it on. The primary inquiry that you should pose to yourself is the place where would you like to reside? Whenever you have settled on the area, check out the territory and observe a plot of land however you would prefer that is affordable for you. Likewise, consider the sort of enhancements that should be made for things like carports, strolls and utilities. Assess the neighborhood regard to how helpful it is for you to arrive at your work environment and for your children to arrive at their schools. Additionally, check whether there are any shops close by.

4. Acquaint with Building Regulations

Various regions have different structure guidelines and codes. The structure guidelines are least norms set up by the State Government for plan, development or remodels to the structure. Find out about the structure guidelines specific to the territory where you have purchased land and meet them while building your fantasy home.

5. Buy building materials

To fabricate a solid and secure home, you genuinely should have the right materials to assemble it. You can buy the structure materials yourself or then again assuming you have recruited a project worker to supervise the development, he can do it for you. Attempt to purchase your materials in mass as that can significantly save your development cost. To save you from the everyday issues while obtaining the structure materials, you can visit our material store or straightforwardly reach us.

6. Begin the Construction

In the wake of finishing the previously mentioned advances, your house is fit to be assembled. At this point, you would have picked your worker for hire who will manage the work. This stage starts with the development of a solid groundwork. At the point when the outside of your house is done, you can enlist an inside fashioner to do the insides.

7. Move into your fantasy home

You have tried sincerely and gone through months in building your home, so appreciate it without limit. Find how this spot gives worth and shape to your life and allows you to turn into the individual you need to be.

Since it has become so undeniably obvious what all should be done, you can share your considerations beneath and ask any questions connected with home structure. Our specialists will ensure that your home structure venture turns out to be totally bother free.

waterproofing cement

Which Cement Company Is Best For Waterproofing cement?

Today’s waterproofing cement isn’t the same boring product that your great-grandfather used to shore up the foundation of his house. Today’s cement has been engineered to be specifically effective at waterproofing and protecting against hydrostatic pressure, and will also look nice in your kitchen remodel. But with all of the different brands on the market, it can be difficult to figure out which one would be best for you and your needs. Here are some things to consider when choosing which cement company is best for waterproofing.

Why Use Portland Cement?

Portland cement is a popular option for waterproofing projects because it cures relatively quickly. The mixture turns from liquid to solid in just one or two days, depending on local weather conditions and atmospheric pressure. Since you won’t need to wait very long for Portland cement to set and harden, your contractor will be able to move on to other tasks during that period and complete your waterproof concrete project much more quickly than with other types of cement.

How to choose the right waterproofing cement?

When waterproof concrete your basement or outdoor patio, choosing which cement company to hire is one of the most important decisions you will make. This decision can be made much easier by learning more about each type of cement used for waterproofing applications. Once you learn what makes one cement better than another, you’ll be able to determine which waterproofing method best fits your budget and needs. Here are some things to consider

If you are looking for waterproofing cement that provides maximum protection in all kinds of weather, consider using Black Jack cement. Formulated to withstand freeze-thaw cycles and harsh conditions, it’s also easy to apply and protects against water penetration better than most cement on the market.  

If you’re looking to cementitious waterproofing your basement, there are several steps you’ll need to take before applying any cement. Before we start talking about which waterproofing cement will best suit your needs, let’s first look at why water is getting into your basement in the first place. Common sources of water coming into a home include roof leaks, plumbing leaks, and condensation

waterproofing cement

Top 5 waterproof cement in India

  1. ambuja kawach cement
  2. ultratech weather plus cement
  3. shree roofon cement
  4. jk weather shield cement
  5. acc gold waterproof cement

How to get it right?

Many cementitious waterproofing solutions are available, from a couple of coats of paint or sealant to full-on basement or foundation waterproofing. So how do you know which solution will work best for your needs? A waterproofing company can help guide you through all of your options. They’ll test your home and use a variety of methods to pinpoint exactly where water is getting in and why.

waterproofing cement benefits

How to waterproof a house? When it comes to waterproofing your home, you’ve got a couple of options. You can hire professionals and pay them big bucks or you can do it yourself, saving your hard-earned money and learning something new in the process. If you’re like most homeowners, though, chances are good that you won’t consider tackling such a big project without some professional advice on what cement company is best for waterproofing jobs.

waterproofing cement disadvantage

The disadvantage of using cement as a water barrier is that it can’t be painted, so to maintain aesthetic appeal, you’ll have to use an entirely different method for waterproofing (although there are spray-on options that work well). Most commonly, companies mix cement with sand and rocks or polymers and pour it into a trench to seal out water. The process is relatively inexpensive but labor-intensive. You must dig up an area approximately one foot deep by one inch wide around your foundation’s perimeter.

When you’re looking for waterproofing cement, there are several factors to consider. One such factor is whether or not you want to reuse your membrane after you’ve finished waterproofing a section of your home. Most of these membranes will be reusable once thoroughly cleaned, but some cannot be used again. In most cases, however, it’s better to err on the side of caution and use new materials instead of attempting to repurpose old ones.

Waterproofing cement it too coastally.

waterproofing cement

What if you have questions?

If you ever have questions about any of our services, you can contact us 8510991212 info@buildmakaan.in  at any time and we’ll do our best to answer your queries. We also offer emergency service 24 hours a day in case of an accident or emergency; call us as soon as possible so we can get to work on repairing your home quickly. Each cement company has its protocols for handling cementitious waterproofing jobs; these are usually set by local ordinances.

tmt steel bar

How to Buy best TMT Steel or Understand primary and secondary steel – TMT rebars

We all know that steel is a very important metal in the world of building and construction. But what you might not know is what the difference is between steel TMT Per Kg and Steel TMT Per Piece? In this article, we will be going over the differences and how to buy steel TMT per kg or per piece.

TMT steel bars are equipped with U bent or straight bars. The size of the TMT steel bars is 40 feet.

Usually with civil engineers who advise contracts for the purchase of TMT bars in pieces, bundles, or barrels. Dimensions also vary depending on the construction of the building. For example, the mainboard needs a 10 mm / 12 mm rod, for distribution it can be 8 mm / 10 mm for a tree it can be 16 mm and 12 mm depending on the span. Some important points about TMT Bar Weight

The standard length of the sticks is 12 meters

According to IS 1786: 2008, the authorization of TMT bars must be complied with by the IS Directive

TMT bars produced in various diameters


TMT Bars Weight can be expressed in kilograms, quintals, or tonnes

1 Quintal = 100 kilos 1 ton = 1000 kg

Bundle Weight: Approx. 85 kg.

Tmt steel bar buildmakaan.in

How to calculate weight of a steel bar

To determine the mass of steel per square meter, the formula is D * D / 162. D is the diameter of the crossbar in meters, and the mass is calculated in kilograms.

For example, if the section weight is 8mm. Then the mass of the penis per square meter –

8 * 8/162 = 0.396kg

The weight of the TMT strip can be calculated using the following:

W = T * T * L / 162

Where W is the weight of the candle in kilograms, D is the diameter of the candle in millimeters and L is the length of the candle in meters.

Now let’s calculate the weight of a standard 8mm bar. According to the formula

w = 8 * 8 * 12/162

W = 4.74kg

With TMT tapes, this weight can vary by up to 7%.

We calculate the weight of another rod with a diameter of 25 mm and a length of 12 meters. formula same –

b = 25*25*12/162

So W = 46.29 kg

a formula can be used to calculate the weight of any TMT strap, as long as the diameter and length are specified and the steel used meets the specified standards.

Size(dia)As per ISI (Kg/mt) Actual Weight Approx (Kg/mt) Weight per   TMT Bar (Kg)Approx. piece   per Bundle
8mm0.395 (+/- 7%)0.375 – 0.3904.7418
10mm0.617 (+/- 7%)0.590 – 0.6107.40412
12mm0.888 (+/- 5%)0.85 – 0.8710.65610
16mm1.578 (+/- 5%)1.52 – 1.5618.9365
20mm2.466 (+/- 5%)2.36 – 2.4429.5923
25mm3.853 (+/- 3%)3.75 – 3.8246.2362
32mm6.313 (+/- 3%)6.1 – 6.3075.7561

What is the price of steel TMT per kg?

Steel TMT is a type of steel that doesn’t need to be annealed. Steel TMT prices vary depending on the size and quantity of the order.


Check that the steel bars you buy have national certifications such as ASTM A706, JIS G3112, BS9, ASTM A615, JIS G3109 and IS 32 (mild steel bars), IS 1786 (high-strength deformed steel bars). Etc Certification assures you of the quality as well as the credibility of the manufacturer.

Primary steel

Primary steel is obtained from a steelmaking process is known as the Basic Oxygen Furnace (BOF) process. This process converts iron ore into chunks of iron that are used to make steel bars. steel bars are manufactured using the world-class technique on a  fully automatic high-speed rolling mill with horizontal and vertical supports.

In primary steel, there are uniform veins with deeper grooves made on CNC machines. Thus, giving it maximum rib area, providing a strong and stable bond to the concrete, creating a stronger structure.

With big construction and tall buildings, it is always a good idea to use base steels or steels such as Fe500D and Fe550D, while the letter “D” stands for ductility, giving steel rebar a higher percentage of elongation.

Secondary steel

Secondary steel production usually takes place in an electric arc furnace. The main raw material for the production of reinforcing steel is steel scrap. That’s why it’s called secondary steel. The secondary bars are usually rolled in a locally produced rolling mill

The ribs of the secondary steel are created using a local rib cutting process performed with hand tools. This in turn gives it an unsuitable flank area which leads to poor bonding with the concrete.

Innovations in the steelmaking process have led to improvements in the production of secondary brand steels. Primary steel is preferred for homes, but if you have good options, branded secondary steel is available. Saves money.

sail buildmakaan.in

Top 10 TMT steel bar brand

  • Tata Tiscon SD TMT Band
  • Essar steel 
  • Jindal Panther TMT Band
  • Sail Steel TMT Band
  • Kamdhenu TMT Band
  • Syam TMT bars
  • Rathi TMT bars
  • SRMB TMT steel bars
  • JSW Neo steel TMT bars
  • Electrosteel
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