Wonder cement grade ppc 53

Brand Wonder
Packaging Size 50 Kg
Cement Grade Grade 43
Type OPC (Ordinary Portland Cement)
Packaging Type HDPE Bag
Usage/Application Construction


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Wonder Portland Pozzolana Cement, “Result of Future,” is ready by a completely mechanized, dry assembling process utilizing cutting edge innovation under severe quality affirmation at all phases of assembling with the assistance of the “Mechanical (POLAB)” framework. PPC cement is fabricated by crushing all around consumed OPC cement Clinker with gypsum and pozzolanic materials like power-station fly debris or siliceous earth.

Higher toughness of the substantial design because of less penetrability of water.
More opposition towards the assault of alkalies, sulfates, chlorides, synthetic compounds.
ppc Better usefulness.
The low fieriness of hydration ppc cement .
Because of high fineness, PPC has a better attachment with totals and makes more thick solidness.
Near lower Water-Cement proportion gives an additional benefit to the further increment of compressive strength of the substantial.
Better surface completion.


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