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Kamdhenu nxt tmt steel bars

Brand Kamdhenu
Diameter 8mm
Type TMT Coil
Usage/Application Slab
Grade Fe 500D
Material Mild Steel
Single Piece Length 12meter
Delivery Period 0-2 days
Country of Origin Made in India
Minimum Order Quantity 100 Kg


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Kamdhenu nxt tmt steel bars are broadly utilized in universally useful substantial support designs, extensions and flyovers, dams, warm and hydel power plants, modern constructions, tall structures, underground stages in metro rail route, and fast vehicle framework.

kamdhenu nxt tmt steel bars are thermo-precisely treated through driving world temp core-based innovation for high return strength. The interaction includes quick extinguishing of the hot bars through a progression of water jets after they carry out of the last plant stand. Profoundly and surface temperatures to balance. steel tmt bar center chills off leisurely to transform into a ferrite-pearlite total. Kamdhenu Limited, Bhiwadi unit has been approved to produce Tempcore kamdhenu nxt tmt steel bars under permit understanding.

Elements of kamdhenu nxt tmt steel bars

Improved strength joined with high pliability
Superb weldability without loss of solidarity at welded joints
Better pliability and flexibility
Seismic tremor safe
High warm obstruction
Huge reserve funds in cost of steel


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