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JK Lakshmi PRO+ Plus Cement

Brand JK Lakshmi
Type Pro Plus
Packaging Type PP Sack Bag
Usage/Application Construction
Average Surface Area (Sq M/Kg) of PPC 420+-10 JK Lakshmi PRO+ Cement (10% Extra)
Average 24 Hr. Strength (MPa) of PPC 19 JK Lakshmi PRO+ Cement (20% High +-1 Early Strength)

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It takes thoughts for creation to emerge. .

Introducing the all new JK Lakshmi PRO+ Cement with 7+ advantages. Since it’s an ideal opportunity to acknowledge even the most far off of our fantasies.


JK LAKSHMI PRO+ Cement adjusts to IS 1489 (section 1):1991 with its most recent changes.


Water utilized for blending and relieving should be perfect and liberated from damaging measures of oils, acids, antacids, salts, sugar and natural materials or different substances that might be harmful to cement or steel.


Relieving is an imperative cycle for toughness of cement.


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