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Jeera Rodi 10mm

Size 👉🏿 Prize
10 mm 👉🏿 ₹1075 per ton
20 mm👉🏿 ₹1100 per ton
40 mm 👉🏿 1150 per ton

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coarse totals are the totals of size more noteworthy than 4.75 mm and normally get named 10mm (Jeera Rodi) and 20mm. They are gotten by regular breaking down or by counterfeit pulverizing of rocks. The greatest size of the coarse total can be 80 mm.

By and by, jeera rodi delegated 10mm, has almost 70% total that goes through 10mm with almost 90% running somewhere in the range of 4.75mm and 10mm. Jeera rodi is predominantly utilized in substantial components with flimsy segments, firmly separated, and weighty support. For better strength and blend, extents utilize a mix of 2 sizes 20mm (Rodi) down to 10mm (Jeera Rodi) down. The proportion ought to be somewhere in the range of 60:40 and 70:30. Class 2 Jeera Rodi has lesser residue content than Class 3 and hence, is superior to class 3 Jeera Rodi.


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