Dr. Fixit Pidicrete URP Roof Waterproofin

Highlights and Advantages:
Styrene-Butadiene co-polymer plastic fluid that further develops waterproofing
Fortifies holding of new and old cement and mortar
Improves strength and water opposition of fixe blend – concrete and mortar

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Dr. Fixit Pidicrete URP Model: 301 is a SBR plastic based item which is the most appropriate for use overall fixes and waterproofing particularly of indented pieces of washrooms and latrines flights of stairs and overhangs. It is exceptionally reasonable for use as an added substance in waterproofing of rooftops and porches utilizing a defensive tirade over them. Dr. Fixit Pidicrete URP can likewise be utilized as a maintenance mortar for use in cement and brick work fixes, for example, spalled cement of floors radiates segments chunks railings and so on.

It is not difficult to utilize adaptable and limits shrinkage in this manner forestalling the breaking of concrete. Pidicrete is viable in working on the cement strength of blended mortar. It is profoundly viable in holding old cement with old cement. Pidicrete can likewise be utilized as a maintenance mortar for brick work and substantial fixes, for example, spalled cement of shafts railings sections floors segments and so on. It is in this manner appropriate for use in both private and business properties.
KEY Elements
Profoundly adaptable in its utilization.
Simple to utilize, multipurpose and conservative.
Forestalls breaking of concrete by decreasing shrinkage.
Works on glue strength of blended mortar.
Bonds unequivocally old cement to new concrete.
It forestalls breaking by improving flexural strength.
Works on the hardness and forestalls dust age.
Bonds emphatically to concrete, workmanship, stonework, mortars and cementitious surfaces.
Further develops disintegration opposition and forestalls erosion.
Further develops scraped spot obstruction of the concrete blend.
Diminishes consistency of concrete infusion grout for better smoothness and holding.


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