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Double aac block


For Use in Side Walls, Partition Walls
Brick/Block Color Grey
Length 600 mm (24″)
Height 200 mm
Width 75,100,115,125,150,170,200,225,230,250 & 300 mm (3,4,4.5,5,6,7,8,9,10 & 12 inch)

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Double AAC blocks are a suitable trade for traditional red earth blocks, which we regularly use for our structure construction.  Therefore we have as of late searched for practical other options.


A large number of minuscule air cells bestow AAC obstruct extremely lightweight structures. The thickness of these lightweight squares as a rule ranges between 550 – 650 kg/m3.
Quake Resistant: Because of the decrease in self-weight, AAC block development draws in, Less tremor load.
Warm Conductivity: The AAC block is thermally better and henceforth when taken on prompts less energy for cooling. AAC block has exceptional warm protecting characteristics.
Sound Insulation: The AAC Block has better sound protection properties, Due to its air voids presence. The permeable design of the AAC blocks results in upgraded sound assimilation.

The Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating of the AAC obstructs to 45 dB. Subsequently, AAC blocks have been the best material for the development of dividers in the assembly hall, lodgings, medical clinics, studios, and so on
The method involved with assembling AAC Blocks guarantees steady and reliable aspects. Plant completed squares give a uniform base to conservative use of an assortment of completing frameworks.
Quick Construction: The result of the stonework will expand in light of less number of joints.
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